Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dreams: But what do they all mean?!?!

Last night i had a dream that is a recurring dream that happens, i don't know maybe several times a year.  maybe more often, but i don't really register it all that much.

I can't tell if it's a nightmare or just a regular dream but it always leaves me in some kind of anxious state and i wonder if it's due to the movies that i watch or something deeper that i'm going through that i can't figure out what.   

These dreams that i have are like one giant suspense-thriller movie.  It usually involves me having to run away from the law, or being hunted by someone (or something) in this world.   sometimes it's zombies, aliens, a mad killer, or even a crazy ex-gf (but i can deduce the meaning behind that nightmare).

Last night, the dream was about me being framed for a murder and having to run away while trying to gather evidence to prove my innocence.  Usually in these dreams, all the odds are sadly against my favor, almost damn near impossible.  I don't recall the whole dream, but fragments here and there, highlights if you will.  At one scene in the dream, i was stuck in a high office building (maybe 15 or 20 stories up) that reminds me a little of Engineering IV back at UCLA except it was jagged bricks on the side, but same color with a raised courtyard overlooking the parking garage.  Apparently something was in this office building that i needed to obtain or speak to someone because I risked exposing myself in a heavily populated area and after finding what i needed to get, i was being chased through the office building by armed individuals.   (maybe cuz i've been watching the new season of 24?)   So i run to the raised courtyard and look around with no means of escape.  The security folks are coming straight for me, but they don't know exactly where i am.  they've locked all the entrances leaving me with very few options.  either attempt to scale down the face of the building (apparently there's no guards in the outside of the building because this is my dream and that's just the way it is) or find a hiding place and hope they never find me and give up.  I choose to scale down the building, i hop over the railing and of course my fear of heights take over.  My palms begin to get sweaty and my legs feel like jelly as i'm grabbing for footholds and hand grips using the jagged bricks.  Anyone seen Bourne Identity?  kind of like that scene at the embassy almost.  As i'm scaling through (20 stories up mind you) I hear the guards at the raised courtyard and i'm afraid they'll look down and find me.  I find a recessed corner in the building with bricks that are offsetting one another for very easy climbing and i hug the face of the building; trying with all my might to merge with the building and hopefully not get seen.  Thankfully it worked and i continue to scale down the building until i reach the ground; a feat i probably wouldn't think i would be able to do.  I rush to my car (still drive the same car even in my dream. my good old 2000 honda accord) and jump in and speed off. 

But i'm not out of the woods yet.  my car is now a wanted vehicle, and i'm sure since i've been identified that they know my license plate number.  apparently in your dreams you're not supposed to be able to read things, but since i memorized my license plate, i guess my mind just naturally assumed that's what it was on my car.  So instead of ditching my car and stealing a new car (looking back, this may have been the easier option) i instead tried to hide in plain sight by switching license plates.  As i was about to switch license plates i realized that i will also be easily caught with this idea because if these stolen plates are ever run through the computer, it could say the model is some camry or civic as to which if the cop running my plates may soon realize that i have the wrong plates for my car.  So i spent a good portion of my time trying to find a black honda accord to switch plates with.  and do this every day so the trail never gets picked up.   I begin to drive cross country for no apparent reason, with the hopes of never being found.  Not sure if there was a purpose or a destination i was going to, maybe i was just trying to lose the heat for a while, lay low, and figure out things later.  anyhow once i felt like i was safe or that the heat was off (for now) is when i woke up in the middle of the night with a WTF look on my face.

don't know if any of this has any deeper meanings.  it just seems like a melding of many tv shows, movies, and books i've read in my life all being applied to me as the main character of the story.  these types of dreams happen more than once, enough to prompt me to write this as i woke up.  maybe one day a psychiatrist can tell me what this is all about.
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